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About Oldies Online

Oldies Online has been designed specifically for all lovers of good music. With no set genre, you are likely to hear any type or style of music at any time from the 50s 60s 70s and the 80s. We only ever play classic tracks from these 4 decades. Be prepaired to hear anything from Classic Rock to Atlantic Soul. Ska/Reggae to Electronic 80s. 70s gems to Nuwave. We enjoy playing popular sing-along classics, but you will also hear tracks that you may well not have heard for decades. We love to dig into our vast archive of Music. Classics which are guaranteed to jog memories time and time again.

With the former success of 3 well known and established stations, and with over 10 years of internet radio experience under our belt, we aim to bring you a top quality radio station. We were the former owners of the great JFSR (Jazz Funk Soul Radio) and its predecessor Morpher Radio, and we currently, still own and run our sister station DnB-Liquified. We care a lot about quality, production and musical content in an ad-free environment. All Oldies Online played tracks are the original recordings by original artists and are aired using a great streaming service which will guarantee audio quality. All tracks played are carefully hand picked to make sure the mix of music and genre are just right for our valued listener. We invite you to stick around and listen for as long as you wish. We make it our goal to include something to cover every listener taste.

We broadcast 24/7 365! Please keep in mind, the station is very young and still in its infancy stage. We eventually aim to introduce new and fresh presenters to the airwaves with some amazing show ideas currently being planned for the future success of the station. We encourage you to keep an eye on our schedule for all new and upcoming future shows and presenters. We would also be eternally grateful if you would help us grow, simply by bookmarking "Oldies Online" and help spread the word by letting your friends know how and where to find us. Why not look us up on Facebook and give us a "Like" !  

"Happy Listening and Enjoy your Musical Journey with us !"

Dave Marley & The Team