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Darren Barnett (Dazzy Bee)

Show Name: THE HIVE

My name’s Darren Barnett, otherwise known as DJ Dazzy Bee.

 I’ve been spinning the wheels and flipping the discs for most of my life and even done some mobile work over the years, and was even offered a residency many years ago. I’ve been low key on the DJ scene for a while now but feel it’s time to dust off the old choonage and share my love of music with you all.

I’ve known Dave Marley for almost 30 years now and stayed in touch through his previous guises and radio ventures. He has now given me this opportunity to play out for y’alls. My selections will be kinda kookie to what one might expect of a ‘retro broadcast’ station, but I will definitely include ‘the classics’, some lesser known album tracks and some downright obscure rarer grooves, from pop to rock to indie to disco. I don’t have a specific genre I’m drawn to, I will literally be playing anything and everything.

Hope you can join me, and enjoy…
Big love,
The Bee, x