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Dave Regan


Hi all,
My name is Dave Regan, or ‘Dodgy Dave’ or simply ‘Dodge’ to those of you who already know me. I came to music quite late in life really, buying my first 7” single in 1970 in Rumblelows when I was 14 years old. I’ll refrain from telling you what it was, I’m not proud of it ! But that started me down the road of music, and more importantly Dj’ing. Started doing school discos, youth clubs and pretty much anything that turned a buck ! Yep 14 & 15 year olds are all about the MONEY not the tunes! Fortunately as I ‘matured’ so did my priorities, my equipment, my gigs and my taste !

Now here’s where I differ from most of the other brilliant presenters here on Oldies Online. I wasn’t brought up on different genres of music as my parents weren’t particularly musically inclined. I kind of found my own way and forged my own opinions of music. Some would say they are hardly compatible with a DJ or radio presenter as my taste is so one directional (no pun intended). I really don’t like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, Rock & Roll, Queen, Quo, Abba, the list goes on !
I’m an out and out Soul Boy !  During my misspent youth you’d find me in such soulful temples as the California Ballroom in Dunstable, Crackers and 100 Club in London, Lacy Lady in Ilford, Hedes in Margate and the occasional foray oop norf beyond Watford Gap to the Casino, Blackpool Mecca and the Torch.

So it was with some trepidation when Dave approached me to come onboard Oldies Online. Although we worked together before I wasn’t sure Oldies was for me and listening to things like the recent Beatles Day really didn’t convince me.
However when Dave dangled Soulful Sundays under my nose and told me to bring my own flavour to Oldies I really couldn’t resist joining what looks like such an amazing bunch of presenters and more importantly fantastically appreciative listeners. So here I am, digging deep in my boxes, blowing the dust off some soulful rare grooves, dropping some funk, disco, boogie and maybe a few that’ll raise an eyebrow. If it’s got SOUL it’s in !

Hope you can join me some time, I’d love to have your company….
Dave 'Dodge' Regan