Mikey T


Hi all,
My name is Mike Thomas AKA DJ Mikey T as I’m known on Oldies Online.
Music has been a big big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can even remember pretending to have a radio station when I was very young and my friend pushing me round in my Go Cart with a tape recorder and microphone. Through life’s ups and downs music has always been there to support me and I couldn’t be without it.

Like most youngsters I went through a lot of different phases and my music tastes reflected that. Some of the music that I liked I didn’t always admit to at the time as it wouldn’t have done much for my street credibility. Now I’m older, quite a bit older, I’m not ashamed to admit that I like a wide variety of music from all different periods and genres. This is why I enjoy listening to Oldies Online so much and I have done every day since it was launched back in May 2019. I have made some great friends in both listeners and presenters. 

My teenage years began in the in the very late seventies, so the eighties were the big decade for me music wise. Living out in Shropshire back then I had a distance to travel for clubs and concerts. Even though I did manage to see quite a few bands radio was a big big part of my life. I listened, taped and bought the records I could imagine everyone was out partying to in the big towns and cities. I still have them all today. The more I have listened to Oldies Online and chatted with fellow listeners the more I have got the itch to share the music I loved and still do.

So now you get to hear me play all those tunes I listened to in my bedroom and beyond. I loved to swing my pants to the music on my own or with anyone else who had the urge. In the early nineties I did run a mobile Disco playing my tunes out in countryside of Shropshire. Now I hope to improve on that with the show I bring you every Friday night playing you all those tunes that are hard to sit still to.

So join me between 8pm and 10pm every Friday night for the Twilight Zone and you too can swing your pants with me.


Mikey T (aka Mike Thomas)


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